Perfect Connection founder, Liza Bailey, is the mother of two sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After navigating the complexities of identifying the appropriate interventions, educational settings, and health care options she was determined to assist other families similarly impacted.  This determination became the catalysts by which Perfect Connection was founded in April of 2017. Perfect Connection is a non-profit that exists to assist families through education and outreach. Our goal is to ensure that stakeholders in the education, business, healthcare and non-profit arenas fully understand the challenges faced by parents and children impacted by autism.Support from generous donors allow Perfect Connection to sponsor workshops for parents, sensory friendly field trips and activities for students, and programs designed to prepare young adults on the spectrum for successfully navigating independent living.  


To create opportunities for quality education and connection to appropriate resources that will enhance the lives of children and families impacted by autism.


Perfect connection exists to empower families with resources to assist in the education and overall well- being of their children, to provide quality early educational experiences to children with autism, to assist teenagers with autism and their families with the transition to adulthood, and to empower educational stakeholders and families with relevant learning through outreach and awareness.


Until everyone knows.