The Perfect Connection is a 501 © (3), Texas non-profit corporation founded in 2018 by Liza Bailey, an Autism mother of two boys currently on the spectrum.  

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It is not a pleasant experience to give birth to a child and overtime, realize that he/she is unable to reach the developmental milestones as expected. Many tend to isolate themselves and become obsessed with the desire to see that child respond as anticipated. 


At Perfect Connection, we understand that the journey could be quite tiresome, but you don't have to go through such alone. Our goal is to ensure that the world becomes aware of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and that our communities understand and appreciate the uniqueness of every autistic person so that they can be free to learn and develop with ease. 


Perfect Connection is a nonprofit organization born out of the desire of a mother to see her two children with autism grow in an environment that encourages them to learn at their pace and achieve whatever they desire in life. In her own words, "no one knows but a parent with a child on the spectrum the joy you feel when your child speaks for first time, even if it is at the age of four, or the push you need to keep going when your child reaches a milestone, even if it's 2 years later". 


The VISION of Perfect Connection is to build a platform for families living with children on the spectrum. 


The MISSION is to strategically inform the community on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through robust educational seminars, advocacy training and engaged family support groups.


Until everyone knows.

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